"The New Card Sharks"
Here is the long lost guide that I started in 2001.  If GSN decides to keep the show on the schedule long enough
to get  back to where I left off... I will pick back up!

Episode Guide

January 6-June 27, 1986 

June 30, 1986-January 2, 1987  

January 5-July 3, 1987
July 6, 1987-January 1, 1988

January 4-July 1, 1988 
July 4-December 30, 1988

January 2-March 31, 1989

In late 1985, CBS decided that it wanted a big-money show  
on its daytime schedule, so they ordered a revival of the popular show "Card Sharks",  
but this new version differed in many ways from the original  
1978-1981 NBC version hosted by Jim Perry. The set was changed,  
the music and most notably (in the first four weeks especially), the Money Cards  
was played differently (concering the process of changing cards). 

Starting in the summer of 1986, 10 people who had something in common began 
appearing in the front row of an auidence, and several times throughout the show,  
questions were asked about them. 

In Fall 1986, there was an "Educated Guess" question added, 
which just played out like a normal Hi-Lo question, except that the person  
venturing the guess is not limited to 0-99 people.  

Finally, the last difference is the two "Car Games" the show used. 
Starting on October 27, 1986, the show added this game just after  
the Money Cards. 

This guide will attempt to document all nuances and changes
throught the run of the show (or as much of the run GSN decides to show 
before they yank it off the schedule).  

Very Very Special Thanks go out to Mike Klauss for providing the day's 
winnings on times I've missed the show or forgot to tape it.

Thanks also go out to David Zinkin for advice and humor to keep me alive :-)
So, enjoy the guide, and thanks for coming!

Also, thanks to Jonathan Seaward for providing some missing details.

Any info that I might be leaving out or any comments may be always mailed 
to nicholasm79@gmail.com and I'll be glad to read them! 

Oh, and a certain inane ATGSer contributed info too, he can be sane when mommy remembers
to change his diaper, I'm so ashamed of it that I put it in this small type and hid it .